@ Profitable Stage

Growing client base with first-hand knowledge

General Market Conditions

The company provides counter-ad-blocking services. It has about thirty competitors worldwide and a virtually unlimited number of potential clients—whoever sells online ad inventory might need their services. According to some first-hand intelligence, the company's technology is among the top three in the industry, while the market share does not correspond with that.

Motivations to Do Content Marketing

There were three reasons. First, that was the way the most successful competitors have progressed. Second, direct advertising did not produce expected results. Even the expensive context campaigns were bringing the wrong audience. Lastly, and most importantly, the company possesses the statistical data and the knowledge which should be of value and at least some interest for most online publishers.  


The idea was to create and promote a document that fit into the already well-accepted framework of periodic reports on the state of adblocking. The unique twist was to remove parts of data that could not be directly used for making business decisions by an average publisher and add a tree which helps the audience make decisions. Thus the document turned out less statistical but more useful for most readers.

Other use cases

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Laying the groundwork
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Attracting Investors with Ingenuity
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