We provide advanced content and strategy consulting for businesses. Surviving the tectonic shifts is never easy, but we make the transition less painful. 

White papers, reports

Having a white paper or comprehensive industry report on your website is a universally good idea. Every successful business, regardless of its size or industry sector, has some philosophy behind it, a worldview. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be successful in the first place. Most businesses, though, do not tell their inner story, which is a detriment to both investors and customers. 

Tokenization and ICO consultancy

Kontegna is probably the most reasonable first base camp on the trail. You’ll need a good "incubator” to compete for investors. All good providers have plenty of prospect projects today and can’t take everyone on board. An average provider may cause you your reputation, as the ICO space is crowded with scammers. Thus, your draft white paper and token sale landing page have to be present (and already be outstanding) before you even apply for the token launch campaign services with a prominent provider.

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