Below are the sorts of services we provide in most cases. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to develop a different type of content or if you do not exactly know yet how to propel your wonderful idea.

A comprehensive white paper is a must for every fundraising campaign and most product launch events. However, your regular customers deserve even more of your kind attention than your investors — at least, the former do not try to take some of your ownership away. So, if you gift your investors with a white paper, don’t deny your customers the same privilege. Having a white paper on your website is a universally good idea. Every successful business, regardless of its size or industry sector, has some philosophy behind it, a worldview. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be successful in the first place. Most businesses, though, do not tell their inner story, which is a detriment to both investors and customers. 

Considering available distribution methods, a white paper is not always the best choice. There are other formats that might be more suitable in your particular case. That could be an industry segment research or statistics-based status report. That could be an educational video or a Slideshare presentation. That could be a set of infographics or a series of articles. In any case, we provide the core idea, the scenario of issues and the content itself.

The two most popular blockchain-related inquiries are, "how can we apply it?" and "how can we make money on crypto-assets?". Besides answering these two questions to those unfamiliar with the topic and providing content marketing support to blockchain gurus in their crowdfunding projects, we strongly encourage our clients to consider the DAO concept (distributed autonomous organisations). 

Besides bringing somewhat ideologically charged innovations such as ultimate transparency, immutability, and decentralization, DAO concept development may have far-reaching technical consequences. Today, even the most advanced enterprise management systems are still run on manual/brain labor. It’s like architects without AutoCAD, like logistics industries without GPS monitoring. It’s hard to overestimate the upgrade in management one can get from by-DAO-accumulated big data and machine learning results based on that.

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Kontegna is probably the most reasonable first base camp on the trail. You’ll need a good “underwriter” to compete for investors. All good providers have plenty of prospect projects today and can’t take everyone on board. An average provider may cause you your reputation, as the ICO space is crowded with scammers. Thus, your draft white paper and token sale landing page have to be present (and already be outstanding) before you even apply for the token launch campaign services with a prominent provider.

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Content dissemination

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We help to better organize content distribution through your own and other free channels such as social accounts of employees.  

We also take care of paid dissemination. Unlike in the case of ordinary advertisement, delivering lengthier and harder-to-comprehend content is not a standardized task. Content promotion networks have limited reach, so any two or three providers will not yield even 80% of the coverage that Google and Facebook can produce. . Platforms that aggregate influencers should be used with caution: the basic "number of followers" metric is often inaccurate or even fake.

Cracking cultural codes

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A great number of very interesting and innovative local projects are well accepted at home but are not globally accessible. The language is only a part of the problem. We can help you reformulate your content and represent your team so that the project is perceived as cosmopolitan and trendy.

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