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We provide independent research reports and we are available for consulting services including corporate advisory, capital raising, listing advisory and investor relations. These services include but are not limited to: ICO road-mapping and preparation; corporate advisory and structuring for ICO; whitepaper preparation; website and front end preparation; listing and fulfillment; PR consulting.  We are available for press briefings and market commentary by request. Please reach out to us via the contact form.
On the fundraising side, blockchain token sales already eclipse incumbent equity crowdfunding and are getting closer to threatening even traditional VC business. What's more, VCs are all in the ICOs themselves now.
On the operational side, it is the fundamentally lower costs of distributed or generally decentralized infrastructure models that drive the change. Such systems suffer fewer vulnerabilities compared to ordinary setups, and  their pricing—when it eliminates components produced by extra-safety, insurance, and excessive compliance expenses—can be really dangerous for traditional market players.


Your Input

Draft documents, monologues about your idea, useful links about your industry segment.

Output in 1-2 Months

Position paper or white paper, ICO prospectus, supporting articles and corporate blog posts.

  • 1
    White paper or position paper based on your raw draft or idea
  • 2
    Coin/token design. Sales event logic. Substantiation of coin utility.
  • 3
    Want to use an accelerator? We assist with onboarding.
  • 4
    Texts for articles and short posts to support the introduction to the crypto community
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