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We specialize in the topics that are currently reshaping the business environment. A vast knowledge of business and technology is our most valuable asset, and the ability to synthesize components from distant, unconnected fields required for your white paper or other strategically important document is our greatest strength.
On the marketing side, advertising rapidly becomes less and less efficient. 
There are several reasons for this phenomenon including the rise of ad-blocking, the bloated channels of user attention in an online world, and the strengthening dominance of trivial content that makes it harder to parse valuable messages out of the gray noise. These shifts in the foundation of marketing must be addressed by businesses simply due to shrinking profit margins.

Blockchain tech already affects capital markets and will change operations soon.

On the fundraising side, blockchain token sales already eclipse incumbent equity crowdfunding and are getting closer to threatening even traditional VC business. What's more, VCs are all in the ICOs themselves now.

On the operational side, it is the fundamentally lower costs of distributed or generally decentralized infrastructure models that drive the change. Such systems suffer fewer vulnerabilities compared to ordinary setups, and  their pricing—when it eliminates components produced by extra-safety, insurance, and excessive compliance expenses—can be really dangerous for traditional market players.

  • >$100B
    Crypto market capitalisation 
  • ICO
    New way to raise funds: "Initial coin offerings"
  • DAO
    New format of business entity: distributed organisation
  • 1,000%
    Huge gains in price for many crypto assets lately
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