Be Truly Bullish About Your Token

The common ICO practices are contradictory and dirty. Please don't follow them. The blockchain technology can be used to the mutual benefit of developers and investors. It'll take you just 20% extra effort to be twice as honest and x10 more protected in the future.

An unrestricted sale of pre-emitted tokens of a prospect system, in bulk, is crowdfunding. Nothing can change this fact. Not the quality of your idea, not the detailed explanation of how will you create a self-sustainable economy with closed-loop of incentives, not your lawyer's assurances that "this is not a security", not even the temporary indecision of authorities who delay the proper regulation.

If you run your ICO as the vast majority of projects today, you ARE gonna get screwed. We don't need to tell you—you sense it too. Selling air, along with narcotics and gambling, has always been a prerogative of those with formal power. It will remain so for years to come. The libertarian dream is obviously running late and it will not save you from prosecution once the claims fill the courts in the thousands. Lots of people will lose tons of money and it will not be with impunity.


Build a Meaningful Token

The blockchain technology allows you to start building a business or reforming the existing one so that it will benefit everybody. You just need to look at narratives soberly and decide for yourself which is you preferred scenario.

The usual one implies around $300k investment in an ICO marketing campaign; getting around $10M in about ten months; getting a similar amount on pumping your token in another few months; spending about half of that in course of the next two-three years, highly inefficiently; getting stuck in a development dead end (because all ICOs before yours did and because fat hounds never win the race); being faced with multiple charges within three years from today; spending the rest of the crypto you control on lawyers.

Another scenario is where you hold onto the real idea or, if you don’t have one, attach the business you already run to one of the existing decent alliances handling tokenization professionally. Optimise your business, cut some costs, sell some tokenized services along the way, watch your ecosystem organically grow. This way you will get the real followers, not the greedy crowd of speculators who only want presale bonuses and only wait for it to “hit exchanges”. Those are your grave diggers, not supporters! Open your eyes—don’t trade long-term successful growth for instant gratification, leaving yourself doomed.

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