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We provide advanced content and strategy consulting for businesses. Surviving the tectonic shift from advertising to content and influencer marketing is never easy, but we make the transition effortless. Our consulting service on blockchain technology will help you benefit from the global upgrade swiftly and safely.

Dusk of Advertising

We create and disseminate quality, meaningful, and highly relevant branded content that creates traffic for years, without obnoxious sales pitches and fear of ad-blocking.

"Business communication tends to trivialize as business matures..." 
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"Transition to quality content will happen at the cost of online advertising’s existence itself..."
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"DAO is already an excellent and unusual marketing tool, while the use of DAO in line with its intended purposes so far looks questionable..."
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Dawn of Blockchains

Benefiting from the blockchain technology and crypto capital market is essential, and the professionals here at Alex Kontegna & Co. can teach you to take advantage of these tools. We protect businesses from the crypto-hype and the tech abuse that is rampant in the online universe.

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